Commercial Printing

For over 40 years, Tope Printing has specialized in commercial printing services for businesses of all sizes; ranging from small, local businesses to large corporations and anything in between. We can create a variety of stationery for your business including menus, brochures, catalogs, books, direct mail and so much more. Whether you’re just starting your business and are in need of solid branding materials for the office, updating menus for your restaurant, or looking to create brochures and promotional products for an upcoming tradeshow, Tope Printing is right for the job.



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Digital Printing

Digital printing can use toner when using laser printers, or liquid ink in larger printers. We use a Xerox® Versant® 80 Digital Press. Digital Printing is best in smaller batches and can provide the benefit of variable data, such as a unique code or address that is needed for each copy.

Offset Printing

A common printing method that uses plates, typically aluminum, to place an image on a rubber blanket, which then transfers the image to paper. It is called offset printing due to the fact that the ink is not directly transferred to the paper. This method of printing works best when you need a large quantity, as it is the most cost efficient while providing accurate color reproduction & crisp, professional prints.
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Letterpress Printing

One of the oldest forms of printing, Letterpress printing creates crisp, clear typography that is great for menus, books, brochures, business cards, wedding invitations and more. Letterpress printing is typically printed on thick cardstock and can leave an imprint of rich texture that will emphasize the typography or imagery in your prints. Letterpress printing provides a sense of elegance to whatever you print on.
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